Viking Industries


Established in 1969, Viking Industries has been supplying casting components for industries in sectors like textile, motor, pump, sugar cane crushing, construction, stone crushing, reduction gear boxes and so on. The company has supplied quality castings to its Indian clients who are exporters themselves. It is now seeking to establish a direct foothold in the export markets, including Europe / Africa / Asia and Americas as well.

Viking Industries specializes in grey iron castings with quality and dexterity. With over 40+ years of experience in the foundry industry and serving 70+ customers, Viking Industries has vast experience in handling orders from 20+ industries sectors. With our renewed focus on technology, we hope to expand our clientèle and tap new Indian, European, US and other International Markets.

We are based in the industrial city of Coimbatore, which is known as a hub for foundries, pumps, motors, valves, textiles, machine tools, etc. Coimbatore is well connected to International gateways like Bengaluru (Bangalore) , Chennai (Madras), Mumbai (Bombay) & New Delhi by air, it also well connected to Chennai, Cochin Sea ports.


Casting weight grades (IS GRADES FG 150, 200, 260, 300)
Casting range of products
Production Capacity ( 7200 Tons per annum)
Manufacture small as well as large batch quantities of castings.
Unique solutions for client requirements.




Pattern Shop
Core Shop
Moulding Making
Hand Moulding Section
Fettling and other facilities
Quality Control
Cut Section