About us

ELLEN is a pioneer in the field of agricultural and domestic monoblocs and pump sets in India. Ever since its founding in 1960, its products have been highly sought after. Home for ELLEN is Coimbatore, India where entrepreneurial spirit, technical innovation and quality have become a tradition. The company now has a peak production capacity of 25,000 motors and pump sets and 500 Tonnes of high-grade ferrous castings per month.

ELLEN believes that quality comes first. Ellen has state of the art laboratory facilities and procedures to meet ISI & ISO 9001 requirements. Strict acceptance tests according to ISI requirements, rigid incoming inspection, continuous in process inspection, endurance tests, and on-site testing are the marks of ELLEN product that enters the marketplace. Highly skilled, dependable staffs use the latest gauges and instruments in this important task.

What Ellen stands for?

  • ELLEN – entrepreneurial spirit to market leadership.
  • ELLEN – motors, pumpsets and others
  • ELLEN – Sophisticated manufacturing facilities.
  • ELLEN – No compromise over quality.
  • ELLEN – where customer satisfaction is paramount.
Casting/ Foundry
Cotton Yarn
Polyester Cotton
Viking Industries
Ellen Textiles
Viking Pumps
KV Mills
Casting Foundry
Shades of cotton yarn spun and dyed in Britain


Viking Industries – Established in 1969 Viking Industries now have experience of more than 45 years and deals with various industries from different sectors delivering the standardized levels of quality.

Ellen Textiles – Ellen Textiles Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturer of yarn in Coimbatore. Ellen Textiles Private Limited was started in the year 1980. Since its inception the company has grown to have become a highly quality conscious and efficient manufacturing company. Ellen Textiles is an established player in the domestic and upcountry yarn market and is interested in exports to the international markets.

Viking Pumps – Viking Pumps was established in 1969, during our more than 40 years of service we have maintained quality and value to our customers. We have constantly expanded our product line to meet customer demand and various markets. Currently our products are available in Monoblocks, Jet Pumps, Submersibles etc.  In 2013 we have upgraded out order management systems by implementing online order taking and order tracking by using the latest technology.

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